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Below is Falbala Tiered Two Buttons Women’s Blazer, from tbdress.

Falbala Tiered Two Buttons Women’s Blazer

This is a great jacket. It’s beautiful to wear. I have a couple of things that I was dissatisfied with however. One of the buttons fell off the first time I wore it so I had to replace both buttons. Also, I ordered black and it arrived being navy blue. I tried to dye it black with fabric dye but it was dye resistant. I’ll make it work but it won’t be as versatile as I had hoped. Also when you wear it, the neck fabric isn’t as stiff as it is in the pictures. The fabric sits down flat on your shoulders rather than sitting up stiffly. I’m going to have to get lining added so it looks like it should. All in all, a great jacket but it’s turning out to a lot more expensive to achieve the look in the pics than I had expected. I would have thought twice about buying had i known this upfront. I ordered both the grey and the black so I have two jackets to fix.

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